Why Meditation?

Meditation has a multitude of wonderful facets that can be practiced in many different ways. Put simply, meditation is a way of connecting with our breath, focusing our attention on a singular aspect or guiding our minds to a place of stillness within. It allows us to change the relationship we have with the hundreds and thousands of thoughts that pass through our minds and the feelings we associate with them. 

Monday afternoon @ 12PM



Benefits - 

Meditation has many known benefits including a positive effect on our mental and physical well being. Meditating slows down the breath, which naturally lowers ones heart rate and blood pressure. By lowering the amount of oxygen needed for the body and at the same time allowing the breath to flow deeper within the body it allows muscles to relax and the body to begin to function at a calmer level. When the body enters this calming state it helps to relieve muscle pain, change the frequency of our brain waves, improve the function of the immune system and return our body to equilibrium. 


Benefits of establishing a regular Meditation routine are;

  •    A significant reduction in the effects of stress in your life
  •    A greater sense of calm and peacefulness 
  •    More clarity of thought and focus
  •    Greater self-confidence and improved self-esteem
  •    A sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being
  •    Better sleep
  •    More physical energy
  •    Increased motivation
  •    Improvement in general health

What to expect…

Meet with AsH in our salt room for a 45 minute session of peacefulness...

Learning to meditate is like learning any new skill. It can take a little time to refine your practice, but over time it does get easier and the benefits are well worth the discipline of forming a regular meditation habit. Learning to meditate in a class allows you to explore your meditation journey with the guidance of a teacher, and learn tools & techniques to enhance your practice as well as meet other like-minded people.

In this class each week you will be guided through a variety of meditation styles and breathing techniques to help calm your mind, focus your attention, connect with your breath, open your heart and learn more about yourself. The session will be held in the tranquil atmosphere of our salt room where you can also absorb the additional benefits for your health.

Inhale and feel the salt travel deep into your airways. Exhale and feel your breath become less heavy and your mind more clear.


Meet Ash

Meditation is my ‘superpower’. It cultivates my inner strength, courage
and wisdom, which empowers me for handling whatever the day brings, but most importantly - it helps me remember who I am.

Ash discovered the benefits of meditation in 2012 when she was at a cross-roads in her life. She felt an urge to pursue something different to what she had previously known, and stumbled upon a meditation course that changed the direction of her life. At the time she had a 6 year career as an assistant and designer in the fashion industry, and she felt unsatisfied with the demands that the industry placed on herself, self-image and the environment. She was conscious of dedicating her time and energy to more of what she had come to value in life; like meaningful connections, positive self image and living life with purpose.

For Ash, meditation creates a sense of ease, grace and heightens her level of creativity. She believes that meditation allows every person to be much more present in their every day lives. Meditation is a reminder that life can be effortless and abundant with joy and gratitude for the smallest things. It can also be used as a tool to gain trust and explore the adventures of life. Meditation can broaden one's perspective, deepen a connection to oneself and those around, as well as re-ignite passion and purpose in life. Ash feels indebted and privileged to share her teaching as a way of watering the seeds of positive evolution in people’s hearts, minds and bodies.

Ash is qualified with a Diploma in Meditation and Holistic Counselling from the Inner Voyage College and is a member of the International Meditation Teachers Association. She studied a wide range of meditation styles and completed certifications in the areas of corporate stress management, anxiety and depression, brain body medicine and holistic counselling. She is currently expanding her knowledge in the area of pre-natal meditation, which will be completed at the end of April 2018.

Ash looks forward to welcoming you to Meditation in the Salt Room on Wednesday evenings at 7pm!