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The Wellness Studio was created as a space for individuals to immerse themselves in the holistic benefits of natural, science based alternative therapies and optimise their overall health and wellbeing. With a visit to our studio you can expect to be welcomed by our team of friendly, supportive and knowledgeable staff. We make it our mission to give back and connect to our community.

Founder Rod Barratt discovered his passion for floatation over 30 years ago when he experienced first-hand the profound difference it made to his life. After a debilitating knee reconstruction, Rod searched for anything that could help ease the pain, get him back on the road to recovery and play footy again in the shortest amount of time possible. Not long after discovering floatation, Rod opened up his first floatation business in 1988. Now, with so many years of experience in the industry and hundreds of floats later, Rod has decided to re-introduce the wonders of floatation to the Geelong community.

After exploring the benefits of other natural therapies, Rod introduced Salt Therapy &  Infrared Sauna Therapy to The Wellness Studio. Rod’s mission is to make these ‘alternative’ therapies that he knows and trusts accessible to the community, and to encourage individuals to take control and make a difference to their own wellbeing.

What is floating?

Belmont, 1988

Belmont, 1988

Belmont, TODAY

Belmont, TODAY

The tank may have changed, but the experience and benefits have stayed the same.
— rod

Words of Rodney Barratt - with 30 years of experience in Floatation Therapy

“A float tank is like a spacious, oversized bathtub with a sliding lid on top. 360 kilograms of Epsom salt dissolved in about 30 centimetres of skin temperature water makes it impossible to sink, unless you somehow defy the laws of physics! Floatation is the most relaxing thing you will ever do because you have deprived your brain of any stimulation of the 5 senses. In a float session, some people may go to sleep in the tank and others are not sure if they are awake or asleep.

A float tank is a safe space - it's simply an innate object that provides you with an environment to explore the deepest corners of your mind.

Throughout the floatation session your body will experience a positive physical response which accelerates recovery after strenuous exercise, alleviates pain and provides other physical benefits. It is our brain's mental response to being in this environment that gives rise to greater learning, insight and problem solving. A navy seal can learn a new language in 6 weeks using a float tank because there are no distractions, and the mind is put in a heightened state of awareness where it is able to absorb and retain information far greater than in a classroom environment.

Floatation also encourages the production of healing neurochemicals like dopamine and reduces stress related neurochemicals such as cortisol. This results in a deep sense of relaxation and essentially places the body in an environment where it can self-heal.

Lastly, I suggest experiencing multiple floatation sessions because your subsequent floats can be very different from your first experience. No two floats are the same! Over the years, I have spent several hundred hours in the tank and at one stage I floated for 70 days in a row, with sessions ranging from 1 to 2.5 hours.

It's the only therapy of its kind in the world that removes all forms of communication, stimulation or manipulation.